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This page will keep you up to date on Cookin' for Christ's efforts of outreach, caring for people in need.

Pr 19:17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.     (The Holy Bible - KJV)


Cookin' for Christ's efforts

  • (9-2) Meal provided to grieving family's funeral after a death in that family
  • (10-17) Money for groceries to a family in need
  • (11-8) Missions outreach (out of state)
  • (11-12) Monetary funds to another ministry's food needs 
  • (12-18) Monetary funds to a family at Christmas for the need of relief


Cookin' for Christ's efforts

  • (1-24)  Imparted a cash donation for a Guatamalan mission trip.
  • (2-3)  Breakfast burritos and underclothing were provided to a Homeless shelter and their needs. 
  • (2-4)  Provided breakfast burritos in a loving outreach for the fellowship activities of CrossWalk Community Church.
  • (2-15) Presented cupcakes to a men's shelter in support of their rehabilitation efforts.
  • (3-25) Provided catfish for a "Thank You" fellowship, helping thank brothers and sisters for assistance in moving. 
  • (4-10) Provided gasoline to a stranded motorist with compassion.
  • (5-19) Provided clothing and assisted in serving breakfast to a homeless shelter in Titusville.
  • (5-20) Served breakfast burritos at CrossWalk Community Church, helping in the strengthening of the saints.
  • (5-20) Monetary scholarships given for Eagle Rock Youth Camp students that CrossWalk Community Church particpates.
  • (5-21) Provided a Bible and a Lou Giglio "Indescribable" DVD to an individual that is beginning to seek God.
  • (5-24) Provided a Bible to an individual that is beginning to seek God.
  • (5-25) Provided grilled hotdogs to First Christian Church's Alaskan Mission trip.
  • (6-3) Provided a Bible to an individual that is beginning to seek God.
  • (7-14) Provided a meal for an overheated family @ Burger King.
  • (7-22) Provided a container of prepared potato salad to a men's shelter.
  • (8-15) Outreaching to two individuals seeking the Lord and for a Wednesday night fellowship group.
  • (8-23) Provided the means for beloved members of the Church to attend a church banquet. 
  • (9-23) Provided financial support to a woman in need with Christ's love.
  • (9-24) Provided for a widow in financial distress through our Lord Jesus.
  • (10-12) Brother in need of vehicle insurance payment.
  • (10-23) Charity to "Heifer International"
  • (10-27) Provided a Fish Fry for a local rehab center.
  • (12-14) Provided lasagna to our sister who had a death in the family.


Cookin' for Christ's efforts

  • (1-27) Breakfast burritos to supply homeless shelter's breakfast needs.
  • (1-28) Motel room for an ill person who had no shelter.
  • (2-12) Meal provided to grieving family's funeral after a death in that family
  • (3-18) clothing supplies for people in need.
  • (6-29) Money for unexpected expenses to a family with a death in that family
  • (7-15) Breakfast burritos to supply homeless shelter's breakfast needs.
  • (8-6) food stuffs to substance abuse shelter   
  • (8-16) Grace Baptist Church and Cookin' for Christ provided a meal to a local shelter.  Thank you brother Thompson for your attention to souls. 
  • (8-22) John and Sheryl Faver's daughter's wedding provided an abundance of food that helped to supply meals to a local community kitchen.  Thanks to John and Sheryl for their compassion.
  • (8-30) Salvation Army's community kitchen recieved BBQ brisket to help their efforts to feed peoples in less fortunate situations.
  • (9-13) Monetary support was provided to the Medical Missions in Haiti team at First Christian Church of Titusville.  The abundance of food at thier fund raising fellowship supplied meals to a local substance abuse shelter.
  • (9-20) Monetary support was provided to a single mother in financial need  and in loving support of her family.
  • (11-18) Pentecostals of Titusville sponsored "Hoops for Hope" at Blanton Park in Titusville and Cookin' for Christ participated in the community outreach, cooking chicken for the event. 
  • (11-23) Cookin' for Christ participated in Sun Valley Christian Church's  Thanksgiving meal outreach to the local community. 
  • (12-18) Cookin' for Christ supplied gloves to Shattuc United Methodist Church, Shattuc,Illinois; supporting them in their outreach to underpriviledged children of the local area.  

Cookin for Christ Efforts   (2008)

  • (2-5)        meal prepared for church member's family Funeral
  • (2-11)      meal prepared for "Battle of the Bands" Outreach
  • (2-24)      Horse Ministry's "Night Ride" Outreach
  • (3-15)      Help in roof repair for local resident
  • (3-17)      Clothing provided to 2 children in need
  • (3-27)      Financial aid for local Ministry
  • (4-22)      Financial aid for local Ministry
  • (5-6)        Arby's food purchase for 2 homeless men
  • (5-10)      food donation for UPS's "Stamp out Hunger" Outreach
  • (5-24)      Meal for East Coast Christian "Homeless fed in the park" Outreach
  • (6-20)      Shoes purchased for individual in need
  • (6-22)      Heather Howard's wedding meal prepared as Outreach
  • (7-16)      Bible Outreach- Bibles given to 4 youths
  • (9-30)      Bible Outreach- Bible given to 1 individual
  • (10-3)      Bible Outreach- Bibles ready for 4 people
  • (10-5)      Liberty Lodge "Family Fellowship" Outreach
  • (10-14)    "Highlight" magazine for 2 children
  • (10-22)    CharityWater.Org donation
  • (10-22)    Heifer International donation
  • (10-24)    Promise Keepers" simulcast sponsorship

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